How can i point my domain to hosting or website ?

In mind of many people common question occur after purchase domain name from any hosting company. “What have to do after buy domain?”

For make live website hosting and domain two primary things are needed.

In other word need to point domain to your website where hosted using namespace.

What have to do before point domain to hosting?

As explained above you will need to do two things first.

  • Domain name registration: you have to buy own domain name from hosting provider. You cannot point domain if you do not have your own domain.
  • Buy Web Hosting : you have to buy hosting from hosting provider. So you can keep or upload your website files. Hosting company will provide DNS settings ( Domain Name Servers) .

Let’s see how to connect domain with your hosted website.

  • Find DNS (Domain Name Server) setting from hosting account or domain registered account if domain purchased from another company.
  • Generally DNS setting look like &
  • You can get this setting from your hosting account or should have to receive on registered email id which you used for create hosting account.

For example look at DNS Management from godaddy hosting account.


Here Namesapce (NS records) setting contains four things Type, Name, Value and TTL.

Type should be NS, Name as @, Value as & TTL (Time to Live) as 1 hour.

Same way another NS record

Type should be NS, Name as @ ,Value as & TTL (Time to Live) as 1 hour.

NS Records

  • Wait up to 48 hours to reflect changes to live.
  • Sometimes NS record update within 3-4 hours or less.

In more you can buy domain and hosting from two different companies or you can buy both from one company.

You can also transfer domain from one company to another company if you want.

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